Networking: Make an Impression...Build Trust

Networking: Make an Impression...Build Trust

How to Network to Strengthen your AFT Business - Instant Access Class | taught by Shanna Romanillos
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Shanna Romanillos
Shanna Romanillos
Certified AFT Practitioner & Instructor

About the instructor

Shanna Romanillos is a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner & Instructor, philanthropic wife, mother and entrepreneur. Her mission is to foster the physical and emotional wellness of people in the local community through essential oils and service. With team members worldwide, any community can be “local." With 10 years of experience in the nonprofit foundation arena, Shanna also utilizes her executive skills in conjunction with AFT to help businesses and organizations perform better and thus increase business development.
Through both business and personal development opportunities available with team First 3 Oils (Independent Distributors of Young Living Essential Oils), Shanna is empowering women and men to achieve both financial and time freedom.

Please visit and @ShannaF30 for more information.


Networking sounds like a “professional” term used by business executives and entrepreneurs, but really it’s just socializing EFFECTIVELY. Effective communication is key and in this class, you will learn some tips on how to create a meaningful conversation and build trusting relationships with anyone, especially strangers, that can only help your business. Self-proclaimed worries, as this is right up your alley! and learn!

This class is recorded and available for instant access so you can watch it as often as you like, for as long as it is available. Resources included are for paid registrants only and are not to be shared with anyone else.

Notice will be given when this course is removed from the Academy.

Course Contents

1 Video
2 Surveys
3 Texts
1 Download
1.5 hrs