AFT-301: ONLINE AFT Practitioner Certification with Audrey Cheong - 22 June 17- Mandarin Language 芳香舒緩技巧华语课程

AFT Level 1 Certification 22 June 17 Mandarin Language 芳香舒緩技巧华语课程- Level 1

8 Week Live Course | taught by Audrey Cheong
Audrey Cheong
Audrey Cheong

About the instructor

Audrey Cheong is a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Instructor.

She have started using Young Living Essentials Oils in 2014 and had incorporated into her lifestyle and she is passion about wellness, purpose and abundance.

She holds a strong advocate of Essential Oils for Emotional and Physical Health. Audrey believes that by listening and understanding each person as an individual and empowering them to take an active role in their healthcare plans and decisions.

Facebook Page: Funtastic About Oils

Program Includes:

  • Eight 1-Hour Online live weekly training and practice sessions led by Audrey Cheong, Certified Aroma Freedom Instructor,
  • 3 months free access to new and archived webinars, including:
    • How to Deepen Your Intuition with AFT
    • Using AFT to Grow Your Young Living Business
    • AFT for Mental Health Professionals
    • AFT for Relationships
    • More added monthly
  • Messaging and Email support from Dr. Perkus or Certified Students
  • In-Depth training on the background and theory behind the Aroma Freedom Technique
  • Live demonstrations of AFT led by the teacher and Certified Students
  • Live practice time with feedback by other students and the teacher
  • An opportunity to clear out emotional issues that interfere with being an effective practitioner
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Instruction on how to grow your essential oils business using AFT
  • Support on growing your client base with AFT
  • Weekly support for staying on track with manifesting your intentions

Benefits of becoming certified in Aroma Freedom Technique also include:

  • Certificate of Completion (Suitable for Framing)
  • Listing on AFT website as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Ability to market yourself as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Confidence in your ability to lead yourself or others through the Aroma Freedom Technique Process

Requirements for becoming certified:

  • Attendance at live online training classes (at least 4 live + 4 archived)
  • Submission of 6 AFT session tracking forms (5 on others and 1 on self)
  • Submission of video demonstration of performing an AFT session with someone
  • Passing grade on quizzes
  • Submission of essay on your AFT journey
  • Any additional requirements that Dr. Perkus may decide to be necessary to ensure competence

Course Contents

4 Videos
10 Multimedia
9 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Audios
16.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Week #4 - Belief Systems and Personal Identity (第四课: 理念和個人性格去向。)
Week #5 - Setting Specific Goals (第五课 :設置具體目標)
Week #6 - AFT for Cravings (第六课 :芳香舒緩技巧之渴望篇)
Week #7 - AFT Self Evaluation and Skill Building Exercise (第七課:自我評估和創作技能作業)
Week #8 - Charging for your service and vision for AFT (第八課: 为您的服务收费和AFT的愿景)