AFT 401: Advanced Practitioner & Instructor Training - with Dr. Benjamin Perkus

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Complete Instructor Program

Course description

Full Instructor Training will consist of four  phases:

Junior Mentoring: As a Junior Mentor you will:

  • Attend each weekly mentoring group for the 16 week certification class (you will have a chance to choose a group that works for your schedule)
  • Give feedback to students during the mentoring group
  • Consult with the Senior Mentor and discuss student progress
  • Attend one weekly "Mentor our Mentors" group call with the Mentoring Supervisor (Sherry Coffman) and/or Dr. Perkus
  • Participate in the LOV review process
  • Eventually lead the mentoring group independently (under supervision).

Mentoring:  After you have been a Junior Mentor you can become a full Mentor.  

When you mentor, you will be assigned certification students (usually 3-8 students depending on the ratio of mentors to students).  Your job is to see them through from beginner to certified practitioner.  You will receive a small stipend ($100) for each student who graduates from your mentoring group.  You may also be assigned a Junior Mentor that you supervise and who helps to lead the mentoring classes.

Many mentoring groups choose to continue to meet up after class has finished just to continue to nurture the bond that has been developed.

Introduction and Immersion Practicum: In this phase you will be given the assignment of teaching 5 Introduction to Aroma Freedom  classes in your community (1-2 can be online), and to have your students submit a feedback form to the academy.   You will also submit one of the introductions as a video for Dr. Perkus to review.  Students will share ideas for networking, finding students, and teaching effectively.  You will also be taught the Immersion Curriculum and given the opportunity to teach Aroma Freedom Immersions in your community if you desire.  The group will meet weekly with Dr. Perkus for masterminding.

Certification Instruction Practicum: In this final phase, we will review the Certification Curriculum, discussing how to teach each of the modules of AFT Certification.

You may participate in special projects such as refining the certification manual or helping to create additional training materials or videos.  

During this time, you will schedule and teach your first In-Person Aroma Freedom Certification class.  You will meet weekly with Dr. Perkus and your fellow students for feedback and support.  

NOTE:  If you would like to step directly into being a mentor and bypass the Junior Mentor Program, please speak directly with Dr. Perkus by emailing at  - this may be an option if you have previous teaching experience and/or your Mentor also recommends you to this accelerated track.

Once you have successfully completed all phases of this class, you will become a Certified Aroma Freedom Instructor.  This allows you to teach in-person Aroma Freedom Technique Certification and Immersion Classes. (Online coming soon). You will also have raised your confidence in introducing Aroma Freedom to the community and will be empowered to help others on an even greater level.

The whole course will take 8-12 months depending on how quickly students move through the program.

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Founder, Aroma Freedom International and Author of "The Aroma Freedom Technique"

Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires people all over the world to make life changes using essential oils and positive psychological processes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Binghamton University (Phi Beta Kappa) and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. He has studied many Energy Psychology methods and has integrated these into his unique understanding of the origins of emotional imbalance.

His first book, The Aroma Freedom Technique, has helped thousands of people to overcome doubt and procrastination, build confidence, and experience the freedom of living their dreams. He trains people throughout the world with this simple and groundbreaking process and helps them to awaken to their true potential.

He is the creator of The Aroma Freedom Academy, an online training portal that allows people from everywhere to make significant and lasting change in all areas of their lives.

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