AFT-400: Junior Mentoring Program

Course description

The Junior Mentor program is the first stage of the Aroma Freedom Instructor Training program.  When you decide to become a Junior Mentor, you are committing to help others not just experience Aroma Freedom, but learn to do it themselves. As a Junior Mentor, you will be assisting in leading Mentoring groups in the Online Aroma Freedom Certification Program.   

Responsibilities of a Junior Mentor Include:

  • Attend each weekly mentoring group for the 16 week certification class (you will have a chance to choose a group that works for your schedule)
  • Give feedback to students during the mentoring group
  • Consult with the Senior Mentor and discuss student progress
  • Attend one weekly "Mentor our Mentors" group call with the Mentoring Supervisor (Sherry Coffman) and Dr. Perkus
  • Participate in the LOV review process
  • Eventually lead the mentoring group under supervision

When your Mentor and the Academy sees that you are ready, you will be invited to apply to the rest of the Instructor Program which includes Mentoring, Teaching, and Leading Introductions.

NOTE: You will be able to apply the $500 of junior mentoring towards the $2750 full instructor program, bringing the cost after Junior Mentoring down to $2250 for the balance of that program.

See AFT-401: Instructor Training Program for details on that program.   Your Junior Mentor tuition WILL applied towards the full instructor program.

Junior Mentoring will start at the same time as the next Online Aroma Freedom Certification, which is currently scheduled for October 23, 2018.  We will have an orientation meeting (via zoom) to get you up to speed on your responsibilities.

Once you have registered, you will be contacted with instructions on how to register for your Mentoring Groups.

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Founder, Aroma Freedom International and Author of "The Aroma Freedom Technique"

Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires people all over the world to make life changes using essential oils and positive psychological processes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Binghamton University (Phi Beta Kappa) and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. He has studied many Energy Psychology methods and has integrated these into his unique understanding of the origins of emotional imbalance.

His first book, The Aroma Freedom Technique, has helped thousands of people to overcome doubt and procrastination, build confidence, and experience the freedom of living their dreams. He trains people throughout the world with this simple and groundbreaking process and helps them to awaken to their true potential.

He is the creator of The Aroma Freedom Academy, an online training portal that allows people from everywhere to make significant and lasting change in all areas of their lives.

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