AFT Practitioner Certification with Dr. Benjamin Perkus


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ATTENTION TEAMS: Teams of 4 or more people can apply for a 20% discount for everyone if they register together.  Purchase the 4 pack ticket and then email with the names and emails of the other members who will be joining you.  Then, additional team members can also get 20% off. (If you need a different payment arrangement, call 607-648-2091 to set this up).

Welcome to the newly expanded Aroma Freedom Certification Program!  After nearly two years of development and refining, we are proud to launch the most comprehensive and effective Aroma Freedom Training program ever.  This training program covers all three of the basic Aroma Freedom Techniques:

  • The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

  • The Memory Resolution Technique (TMRT)

  • The Aroma Reset Technique

You will learn the techniques directly from the creator of Aroma Freedom, Dr. Benjamin Perkus.  Plus, you will have the invaluable opportunity to work in small group mentoring sessions with senior Aroma Freedom Students and Instructors to get feedback and practice.

Upon completion of this course, you will be qualified to help yourself and others to:

  • Set effective and meaningful goals

  • Confidently use all the Aroma Freedom Techniques

  • Quiet the mind and easily release negative thoughts

  • Transform hesitance into confidence, and procrastination into action

  • Find freedom from upsetting or stressful memories

  • Pursue life goals without self-sabotage

  • Charge for individual or group Aroma Freedom Sessions

  • Begin an Aroma Freedom Practice, or

  • Integrate Aroma Freedom into your existing Counseling or Coaching Practice

  • Deepen your intuition and trust in your inner guidance

  • Connect with and help others in your community and worldwide

  • Designation as a “Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner” 

Plus, you will become part of a community of practitioners who are committed to helping themselves and others realize their true potential and manifest their deepest dreams and aspirations.

Your registration for the Certification program also provides you with 1 Year unlimited access to the Aroma Freedom GOLD Practitioner Follow-Up Program ($500 value), which includes:

  • A monthly webinar series led by Dr. Perkus on various topics related to personal and practice development

  • Your personal, affiliate-linked landing page on the Aroma Freedom Website

  • Free updates to new content added to the certification program during the year

  • Additional benefits to be added

Requirements for Certification:

  • 10 Aroma Freedom Sessions on others

  • 5 Aroma Freedom Sessions on yourself

  • 2 TMRT Sessions

  • 2 TMRT/AFT Hybrid Sessions

  • Attendance at Dr. Perkus Lectures

  • Attendance at Weekly Group Mentoring

  • Submission of weekly feedback forms/quizzes

  • Successful completion of Live Observation Video

  • Submission of Essay and Bio

  • Individual meetings with your mentor to review progress

  • Engagement with your peers in Group Mentoring

Cost of  Certification (including 1 year GOLD Follow-Up Webinars):

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Here is what some of the current students told me just last week about their experience in the  program:

I think it was very enlightening and super emotional for myself personally and watching others that I’ve been working on actually break through some barriers has been eye opening on how powerful this course actually is.  Mentorship with our mentors group has been great because of all the feedback between us all.  Judy Galarza, Navy Chief, Murrieta, CA,  YL Executive

The benefits that I have seen with this AFT certification class have been amazing!  I have used AFT with my clients in the past when needed, but since learning the whole process, I have seen such an incredible difference.  Knowing why specific oils are used, and knowing why specific words are used have been powerful.  Watching my clients break-through negative thought patterns has been very rewarding.   My mentoring student friends were also very helpful in practicing and learning. Tammy Gray, Naturopathic Doctor, Waukesha Wi

Before attending the Aroma Freedom Technique training, I received group AFT sessions and though I didn’t share details of my experience, I noticed profound shifts in my attitude and my emotional states of being that lasted for days.  I knew I needed to learn more and joined the AFT Practitioner Training. The greatest benefit of this course is that we, as students are receiving sessions as we learn how to facilitate. In this last 8 weeks I have reignited my passion for the all things I love to do! I feel happier, clearer, focused and I am in action towards my personal and business goals in a balanced and sustainable way.I am excited to share AFT inside of my Aroma Yoga® and Polarity Therapy trainings. Now I have a powerful yet gentle tool that profoundly supports the wellbeing for all I encounter who would like to up-level in any area of life. I love how Dr. Perkus put this training together, and it’s been an honor and a pleasure to learn from him. I look forward to more! Tracy Griffiths RPE, LMT, Aroma Yoga® Founder, YL Platinum

I have loved it!  It has really helped explain the book to where I feel more confident in it and ready to help others.  I was told by someone who has done the course that I wouldn't regret it.  She was right.  I love the weekly lectures (will miss them) as well as the mentor time. Amanda Rog, Stay-at-home homeschooling mom, Wynnewood, OK, YL Silver

I had no idea what I was getting into. My friend in New York had just completed the certification class in the previous class and she encouraged me to hour before the class started!!  I have enjoyed all of the classes. Sharon Buford, MBA, Marketing Director, Lenexa, Kansas

Definitely far more emotional for me as we went through the four videos that you posted for us to watch and doing my own clearings. I love that we have a call with you that is live and the mentoring really helps me be accountable and connected.  I’m also thrilled that people are getting great responses and love the technique.  Leah Weisman Brunner, Certified Parenting Coach, Elkins Park/ Philly, PA 

I have grown by doing AFT on my self. My mentor is terrific! She really helps tie it all together!  I am looking forward to helping people clear some blocks ad grow in their lives! This is a wonderful technique and so non-invasive for the client! We can allow them to keep their thoughts private if they choose. I feel that this will help people feel more at ease approaching this process. Mary Tienken, Licensed Radiologic Technologist and Registered Mammographer, West Point,  Nebraska

I have enjoyed the course and have learnt so much about myself. Mentoring has been brilliant!  Louise Von Sperl, Biofeedback Practitioner, Sydney, Australia, YL Gold

It has been a very good experience between the classes and the mentoring! It has been very fluid. Having the small groups has been awesome! Kevin Skaggs

I thought the course was really well done. The mentors are a critical piece, feedback and being able to ask all the questions that come up. Also, with the live classes being able to interact with Dr. P is great. I love how simple the technique is and the powerful results. I can’t wait to do more. Hanna Weare, Licensed Massage Therapist/Somatic Therapist, Gardiner, NY

This course has been personally very transformative!  I was surprised to start seeing how powerful this technique is for so many issues.  I think the format of course work is helpful to stay accountable and practice the protocol.  Practicing with mentor group is a great support and has helped to clarify areas and get direct feedback during the group sessions.  My expectations are met and exceeded!!  Erika Eddy, Acupuncturist, yoga teacher and reiki master/teacher, Paso Robles, CA

There was more accountability than I thought.  I'm glad for accountability.  It has been very emotional doing the AFT and things getting stirred up for me. Jeanette Clark, Valley Center, CA, YL Executive

I have been changed in many ways….it has been helping so much with the grief of losing my mother.  Julia Stone, Mims, Florida, YL Executive

I have greatly enjoyed watch people transform in front of me.  I’ve had my own hesitations for myself, but have been pleasantly surprised at the growth and change in me.  I don’t like dealing with my own emotions but love helping others with theirs.  Go figure, :) Kara Stone

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Founder, Aroma Freedom International and Author of "The Aroma Freedom Technique"

Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires people all over the world to make life changes using essential oils and positive psychological processes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Binghamton University (Phi Beta Kappa) and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. He has studied many Energy Psychology methods and has integrated these into his unique understanding of the origins of emotional imbalance.

His first book, The Aroma Freedom Technique, has helped thousands of people to overcome doubt and procrastination, build confidence, and experience the freedom of living their dreams. He trains people throughout the world with this simple and groundbreaking process and helps them to awaken to their true potential.

He is the creator of The Aroma Freedom Academy, an online training portal that allows people from everywhere to make significant and lasting change in all areas of their lives.

(607) 648-2091

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