AFT Practitioner Certification

AFT-301: Tulsa, OK - December 1 & 2 // 2-Day Intensive AFT Practitioner Certification w/ Tabitha Taylor and Kathryn Bolen

Intensive Certification Course | taught by Kathryn Bolen & Tabitha Taylor
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Kathryn Bolen & Tabitha Taylor
Kathryn Bolen & Tabitha Taylor

About the instructor

Kathryn Bolen

Tabitha Taylor

Kathryn and Tabitha became certified AFT practitioners in 2017. They both have had such profound experiences personally and by helping others that they are pursuing becoming certified instructors with the aroma freedom academy. For a detailed bio or more information please feel free to visit their websites.

In-Person Intensive Certification Course

Course Contents

13 Videos
32 Multimedia
5 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Audios
1 Download
16.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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