AFT Practitioner Certification

AFT-301: Auburn, ME - September 22 & 23 // 2-Day Intensive AFT Practitioner Certification w/ Tracy Corey

Intensive Certification Course | taught by Tracy Corey
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Tracy Corey
Tracy Corey

About the instructor

Tracy is a Board Certified Coach and a Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner. Tracy holds a Master of Science in Human Development from Wheelock College and completed postgraduate work in Education and Counseling from the University of Southern Maine. She completed her coach training at Institute of Life Coach Training (ILCT) with specialties in Business Coaching, Career Development Coaching, and Relationship Coaching. Tracy believes that we have the power to change our life trajectory and to live in the gift of the present moment. She is known for seeing possibilities not previously considered in relation to people, places and things that get our time and energy and passionately encourages others to discover and pursue a life in the possibilities.

In-Person Intensive Certification Course

Course Contents

13 Videos
32 Multimedia
4 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Audios
1 Download
16.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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