Aroma Freedom Technique Immersion

The Aroma Freedom Technique IMMERSION - St. Augustine, FL - July 15

Live, In-Person IMMERSION

The Aroma Freedom Technique IMMERSION is the perfect place to learn about and experience the AFT 12-step process as outlined in the book, The Aroma Freedom Technique: Using Essential Oils to Transform Your Emotions and Realize Your Heart's Desire.

This Immersion event consists of a 4-hour, in-person, Live Aroma Freedom Technique immersion and practice sessions led by Picasso Roberts, Certified AFT Practitioner & Instructor.


Part 1: Introduction & Demonstration

Part 2: Two-person Practice Session

Part 3: Q&A

Part 4: Application & Use of AFT

Part 5: Group Clearing

Part 6: Closing

Event Details

WHERE? 12 Tarragona ct Saint Augustine Fl 32086

WHEN? July 15th 1pm - 5pm

OTHER DETAILS: Guest Parking is in the middle section. It is upstairs facing the water. If there is need for a larger space due to student volume I will notify you.

Contact Picasso 954-871-3047

When you leave the immersion, you will be able to take friends, family and your YL team through the AFT process.

NOTE: You will not be able to charge for this service. You do not have to be a YL member in order to enroll in this course.

If you'd like to learn more about AFT before enrolling into a Practitioner Certification Course, then this event is perfect for you!

Benefits of becoming certified in Aroma Freedom Technique also include:

  • Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
  • Listing on AFT website as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Ability to market yourself as a "Certified AFT Practitioner"
  • Confidence in your ability to lead yourself or others through the Aroma Freedom Technique process

Requirements for becoming certified:

  • Attendance at Live training classes
  • Submission of 6 AFT session tracking forms (5 on others and 1 on self)
  • Submission of video demonstration of performing an AFT session with someone, or a Live demonstration (observer availability permitting)
  • Submission of essay on your AFT journey
  • Any additional requirements that the instructor may decide to be necessary to ensure competence

Course Curriculum

What's included?

1 Text
Picasso Roberts
Picasso Roberts

About the instructor

Laura "Picasso" Roberts Has been a licensed massage therapist since 2006 and was introduced to alternative healing methods such as Reiki and MPS in 2005. That is when she began her journey as a Reiki practitioner. With a heavy focus on releasing trauma and surgical scar tissue from the body Picasso is now sharing with clients and students the practice of Aroma Freedom Technique and is now a Certified  Aroma Freedom Technique Instructor.

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