Aroma Freedom Academy

Kari Bovee and Dr. Benjamin Perkus

So You Want to Write a Book?

Special Course with Kari Bovee, Award-Winning Writer, and Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Founder of The Aroma Freedom Academy

Angie Taylor

STOP the Food Fight!

Work With Your Body NOT Against It

Dr. Benjamin Perkus
12 x $129.00

Total Freedom Program with Dr. Perkus

A year-long intensive with the Founder of AFT

Lori Thayer

Overcome Self-Doubt And Increase Your Confidence

The Easy Way (Hours of therapy not needed here)

Claudia Karolina Hofmaier

AFT for A New YOU - 3 teilige Serie

Lerne wie du deine negative Glaubenssätze lösen kannst um deine Ziele und Wünsche zu erfüllen

Angie Taylor

Making Peace With Birth - Instant Access Course

Class starts Tuesday, May 9th at 8 pm US Eastern ~ Spend 4-weeks working with a Traditional Midwife as she moves you through fear, guilt, regret/heartbreak, and surrender on your way to making peace with the birth process.