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AF[T/Ool]a gives you the tools to live the life of your dreams. The course guides you to build your own Oola formula to balance seven key areas of your life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Faith, Field, Friends, and Fun. You will also learn the Aroma Freedom Technique to support your journey by helping you let go of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that hold you back from success.

This is a live Zoom room class. Classes start on Sunday March 19, 2017, at 7 pm Eastern Time. The classes will be recorded. There is a private Facebook page for additional help and mentoring throughout the course.

Here's what people are saying about the course:

Renee has developed a life changing program with the implementation of the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) with the principles of Oola. Reneeā€™s practical, step by step program enables to average oil user get past the Oola blockers by combining the power of the AFT to help people unearth limiting beliefs and set new, positive intentions. I have had more progress on creating my Oola life in three sessions of AFT that would have taken me years to overcome using traditional methods. Her program is truly the best of both worlds! - Lucretia C., Ohio

The class is amazing. The family class was when I had an incredible breakthrough. I survived horrible abuse, and taking the family class and doing the aroma freedom technique opened my eyes to the fact that although I can not control what was done to me, I can control what I do and how I raise my own family. I will no longer let the actions of my abusers determine my future. The family section was life changing in only one hour. Thank you. - Gina M., Kansas

The word "control" is the key word for me. I had given control to my emotions, my past, to people, to experiences etc., but AF[T/Ool]a has put the control back in my hands. It is amazing!!! - Robin L., California

Renee Arledge

Renee Arledge


Renee is a certified Aroma Freedom Technique practitioner, Reiki practitioner, transition specialist, owner of Reiki for Transitions and instructor for AF[T/Ool]a = a formula for a balanced and growing life. She has 20 years of experience as a Master Herbalist and Reiki Master/Teacher. She has taught natural health classes for Marywood University's Senior Learners program and Alternative Therapy classes at North Pocono Public Library.

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Phone : 570-575-3077

Course Includes

10 Videos

1 Multimedia

4 Texts

8 PDFs


18.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

AF[T/Ool]a Overview : Where you want to be and how the get there

Oola Key Area 1: Fitness - Health and Wellness inside and out

Oola Key Area 3: Family - Single, Married, Divorced, Kids, all belong here

Oola Key Area 4: Faith - Gratitude, Humility, Understanding, Purpose

Oola Key Area 5: Field - Profession, Stay-At-Home Parent, Student

OolaLife: Living the dream