AFT and Young Living for Sensitive Children

taught by Cathy McGhee & Angela Boyd-Barker
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Cathy McGhee & Angela Boyd-Barker
Cathy McGhee & Angela Boyd-Barker

About the Instructor

Cathy began her own journey with Special need children, growing up with family members with various disabilities.

After college she became a teacher at a small private school teaching special need children.

She later went back to school and started working in pediatric occupational therapy in the home setting.

-Certified AFT Practitioner
- Certified Aromatherapist
- Certified RaindropPractitioner
- Certified OccupationalTherapy Assistant/Licensed

Angela is an occupational therapist and the owner of LifeSpan Therapy Services, which provides pediatric occupational therapy in the natural environment; home, daycare, private school and community settings. They also provide pediatric massage therapy; specializing in children with special needs and adult massage therapy. Aromatherapy is another service they provide in both the natural environment and clinic setting.

She is also the mother of two children dealing with challenges that caused her to do a whole lot of research on developmental, sensory, nutrition and child psychiatry issues, as well as to seek help and advice from several Naturopathic Doctors and Integrative Health Professionals.

This is a 4 week live online class on Mondays, starting on March 20th at 8:30 PM. The cost is $75 but the early bird registration is $65 until March 10th.

I have found, over the last several years especially, that there is a hunger... an urgent quest, for more information and what can be done for kids who are hurting, struggling, or challenged.

This is why we wanted to offer this class for you, in that many of us have truly needed an alternative to what we may be use to in regards to treating the difficulties of raising children, especially those who have difficulties that may be not so typical.

We will be sharing some practical applications as well as some science based information and introduce you to alternative methods that can be extremely effective in addressing many of these aspects, with a strong emphasis on essential oils.

We want to empower you to regain control of your child and your entire family’s overall wellness. This is not limited children with special needs, it can be applied to all children.

We will be posting valuable information on the Facebook page every day before the class and we will be creating a community forum for those in the class as well.

Course Contents

7 Videos
6 Surveys
3 Texts
11 PDFs
1 Download