Dr. Benjamin Perkus

AFT-301: ONLINE AFT Practitioner Certification - April 25, 2018 at 2PM EST Wednesdays with Dr. Benjamin Perkus

8 Week Online Course

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

AFT-301: Hybrid In-Person/Online AFT Practitioner Certification - Salt Lake City, UT - June 12 with Dr. Benjamin Perkus

In-Person and Online

Benjamin and Elaine Perkus

Live your Passion Online Rally April 2018

Online Live your Passion Rally April 2018

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Permission to Thrive

Purchase this course to watch the replay as often as you like (90 min)

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

AFT-410: Certified AFT Mentor Program

STEP TWO of AFT Instructor Certification

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Manifesting the AFT Practice of your Dreams & 2018 AFT Instructor Training

For ALL Certified AFT Practitioners as well as anyone wishing to become a Certified AFT Instructor.