Audrey Cheong

AFT Level 1 Certification 4 April 2017 - Cantonese Language 芳香舒緩技巧粤语课程 - Level 1

Angie Taylor

STOP the Food Fight!

Work With Your Body NOT Against It

Dr. Benjamin Perkus
12 x $129.00

Total Freedom Program with Dr. Perkus

A year-long intensive with the Founder of AFT

Lori Thayer

Overcome Self-Doubt And Increase Your Confidence

The Easy Way (Hours of therapy not needed here)

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Free Public Classroom - Sunday Night Free Clearings and More

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Claudia Karolina Hofmaier

AFT for A New YOU - 3 teilige Serie

Lerne wie du deine negative Glaubenssätze lösen kannst um deine Ziele und Wünsche zu erfüllen