Dr. Benjamin Perkus

AFT-410: Certified AFT Mentor Program

STEP TWO of AFT Instructor Certification

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

AFT 375 Manifesting the AFT Practice of your Dreams

For ALL Certified AFT Practitioners as well as anyone wishing to become a Certified AFT Instructor.

Janice Fiore

Breaking the Chains of Craving

Renee Arledge

AFT/Oola - January 7, 2018

Balance and Grow 7 Key Areas of Your Life

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

"AFT New Years Eve Gratitude Fest" with Dr. Perkus

New Years Eve 8-10 PM EST

Dr. Benjamin Perkus

Mastering The Law of Attraction with Dr. Perkus

A special 90 Minute Video